Security and Identity

Single Identity Single Sign On
Most systems today use directories and require logins by users to create custom experiences. The problem is that most users don’t want to maintain a list of multiple identities and passwords. The more complex your security is the more difficult your users find the systems to use. The solution to this is reaching a goal where the users login in with one identity and one password that is recognised by all systems.

From consolidated LDAP to Password Syncing from SPNEGO and Kerberos to SAML there are multiple ways of creating the right user experience without compromising your security. We work with you to understand you systems, their security requirements and consolidate user identities into good directory sources.  We then help design the architecture to deliver what you need, create test scripts for validating and build the environment.

In short our job is to ensure the minimal number of entry barriers for your users whilst maintaining strong barriers to keep others out.

Protecting Your Organization
Just as you need to protect your IT investment, the cost to your bottom line of a security breach can be incalculable. Security is a fast-paced environment and although many companies will say “we don’t have a problem with security” that is exactly the time when you need to be making sure your environment is as secure as it can be. Once your security is compromised you can’t go back so you need to stay one step ahead.

We work with you to bring our proven experience to bear on your environment and working processes. We provide a thorough security analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current setup, advising you of areas for improvements and security “hotspots”