Hybrid Cloud

Combining Cloud And On-Premises To Get The Most From Your Investment 

Increasingly as organisations adopt new applications and services that stretch outside their own firewall they are adopting the Hybrid Cloud model – building an environment which combines both on-premises and Cloud. In fact the majority of Cloud projects involve a degree of hybridisation to connect online services with established on-premises applications to provide a seamless and effective solution. There are both great opportunities in a seamless integrated hybrid environment – and issues around such areas as management, infrastructure and security.

We at Turtle have a lot of hands-on experience in working to connect and integrate Cloud and on-premises to deliver a secure integrated environment so that you get the most value from your past and current investments.

‘Hybrid is the new normal. According to IBM Center For Applied Insights research, 61% of surveyed enterprises will have a hybrid environment by the end of this year.’ Source: IBM February 2014

‘72% of respondents now use hybrid cloud for at least a portion of their application portfolio.’ Source: Rackspace Survey March 2015